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Learning the banjo

We are often asked by customers on banjo teachers, methods and ways to learn, so wanted to point you out a great banjo learning site. Or I should maybe say The Banjo learning site. Tony Trischka´s school of banjo at is the perfect place to learn from one of the best banjo players ever. […]

New banjo arrivals

We are extremely happy today to have received shipments from both of  our main banjo brands: Deering banjos and Gold Tone. We have just received some of Deering´s top seller banjos that some customers have been demanding and that took us long to bring. Also, we have received the new Gold Tone EB5 electric banjo […]

Maybelle Carter and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Listen to this beautiful Diamonds in the Rough version by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band featuring Earl Scruggs and Mother Maybelle Carter. June Carter is at the autoharp. The Nitty Gritty Dirt band was founded in California in 1966. The band remains still active though there have been constant lineup changes. Jeff Hanna and Jimmie […]

Babies like clawhammer

Watch this mom perform her banjo Wildwood Flower and Cripple Creek for the joy of her baby. Isn´t it lovely? No doubt listening to music affects all people, and babies are no different. There is definitely a positive influence on the single fact of music listening on children. And even more on children learning an […]

Some opinions on banjo brands

OK, I´ll talk here about my modest point of view on the banjo market; which are the brands I consider to be the best banjo brands and why. It is a sincere opinion. And I can prove it; I work with both of them only. I find working with Gold Tone and Deering to be […]

New Website

So here we are. 10 years after founding our small family business in Spain, is set for a re-launch. We decided merging all our banjo related websites into one (there´s just too much work on keeping and having up to date different websites, so this is supposed to help a bit in focusing efforts). […]

Banjo Bridge Placement

  Bridge placement is important to get the best sound out of your banjo. The intonation is improved by having the bridge in what is called the “sweet spot” on the banjo head. This is actually easy to do as a banjo has a floating bridge (it is held on by the tension of the strings) […]

Supporting the arts

Here´s a great article from Barry Hunn at Deering Banjos that I read years ago and I kept: I once had the opportunity to go to a stock car race because a friend had received some tickets from his company to attend.  I was surprised when I discovered that our seats, all the way to […]

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