About Banjos.com

It was long ago in 2004 that we decided to open our first online musical instruments shop. Following the growing demand of Weissenborn and lap steel guitars, we founded Weissenborn, S.L. to cover this interest in Europe and rest of the world. Since then, we´ve delivered hundreds of instruments worldwide to satisfied musicians.

How Gold Tone and BanjoStore.NET got together

Provided the main and only Weissenborn manufacturer back in that time was Gold Tone and Gold Tone is at a 90% a banjo based business, it was then in 2005 that we decided to expand and open a banjo shop that soon gained interest and popularity amongst musicians all over Europe. Since then, Gold Tone has added dozens of new surprising and exciting instruments to their line and both of our businesses have grown dramatically, being both of us well know for provinding quality instruments at reasonable prices.

Soon after expanding to the banjo line, we decided to also cooperate with the largest American banjo manufacturer, Deering banjos (While Gold Tone imports from the Pacific rim and sets up and assembles professionally in Florida, Deering is 100% manufactured in the USA) This gave us the option to offer 100% American made banjos to customers demanding this and also offer high quality USA setup banjos, but Asia made to customers not concerned where their instrument is made.

After expanding, even in the worst years of the international crisis (that affected dramatically to Spain), recently in 2012, we decided to taste the waters at the American banjo market and opened banjos.com, a shop initially operated from New York, then moved to Nebraska. In 2014, the domain became shared by both the European and the American business as a single one with two subdomains and banjostore.net became europe.banjos.com and it is now operated as a worldwide brand.

Becoming Gold Tone Full Stocking dealers

Also in 2012, Gold Tone decided to give us the Full Stocking dealer status in Europe, meaning that we increased our mutual compromises (not like a marriage, but almost). BanjoStore.NET now stocks the full Gold Tone instrument line to make it permanently available to any European musician demanding a Gold Tone instrument fast and safe at their home.


Thanks for coming!

César de Diego
Founder and owner