New Website

So here we are. 10 years after founding our small family business in Spain, is set for a re-launch. We decided merging all our banjo related websites into one (there´s just too much work on keeping and having up to date different websites, so this is supposed to help a bit in focusing efforts).

There´s a totally new design for both sites that will share name and logo from now on. Our new logo features a popular banjo engraving of two man choosing a banjo that suites perfectly for our shop. We own a copy of this 1860 engraving.

The European branch business, settled in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid (Spain) has been working since 2005 from the domain. It operates since the very beginning for Spanish company Weissenborn, S.L. (name that pays tribute to the great Hawaiian guitar manufacturer, Hermann Weissenborn).  The Spanish company has achieved great popularity and even has become Gold Tone Full Stocking dealer in Europe. It is also the exclusive Deering Banjo Company Distributor in Spain. It most likely stores the largest banjo stock in the whole European Union. It will, from now on, operate from subdomain Little changes will have in it´s operating systems and its popular customer service.

The USA branch will be from now on at subdomain The US site is been in the American banjo business for a year now. The USA means for the Weissenborn Company of Stringed Instruments a culmination and a dream. It operates from Omaha, Nebraska, under the Weissenborn LLC company.