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Although founded in 2012, Banjos.com is no novice to the musical instrument world. I was involved in the success of Weissenborn, S.L. in Spain, a company that operates weissenborn.es and BanjoStore.net. Since its foundation in 2004 Weissenborn, S.L has distributed thousands of banjos and guitars across Europe.

Upon moving with my family to New York, I began searching for a chance to replicate my Spanish business on the other side of the ocean, serving American musicians.

I know buying an instrument online is often not the best option, as it is more desirable to try, play and hear it yourself at a local shop. However, it is not always possible in the banjo and folk instrument world. When you go to your local store, you might find that the variety of banjos is limited, that they are poorly set up or out of tune. They may know everything about guitars, but not about banjos (there are definitely some exceptions to this, though). Which is why I offer banjos and instruments on my site that I would buy myself and believe are worth the money you spend. I am committed to providing quality instruments and a simple return policy to ensure customer satisfaction.

Feel free to contact me any time. I´m available via my company´s general email (info@banjos.com) and I try to check and respond to emails within 6 hours.


Thanks for coming!

Luis de Diego
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